Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Again Home Again

I'm back from BYUI now (and not going back...weird) and working as a sub teacher's aide (EA). Staples is also going to take me back. I have some mixed feelings about that. The pollen in the air is really high...so I got some in my lungs from breathing it in. When you have pollen in your lungs, you cough a lot. Last night I coughed so much and so hard that I woke myself up at least 3 times. It hurt.
Today I pretended to be a mom. Moms run a lot of errands, and I did just that. I took some books to Aimee that she left home, the key and money to the tow truck man (our car randomly broke down in front of our friends' house), and Lizzie's lunch box to her at school because she left it at home (she was in a rush). All of this was walking (or running), so I got lots of exercise. I also thought, "No wonder moms get hungry at lunchtime." I acknowledge that I have a weird stomach, and therefore, am not always hungry at lunchtime.
I also helped Lizzie make pretzels, which she wanted for an afterschool snack. They weren't so great. They tasted like yeast and eggs. Oh, and I helped make dinner.
So, I was pretty much a mom today. To prove my point even further, I'm babysitting Sarah and Lizzie right now, while my mom, Aimee, and Stacy are at Young Women, and my dad is at scouts (11 year old boys).