Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Luck and phones

My brother, John, just gave me his old phone about a month and a half ago. The phone is over 2 years old. It slowly started acting weird when I charged it, and became harder and harder to charge. Now it's like the thing inside that holds the charger is a loose tooth, and I have to hold the charger in, with lots of pressure, in order for my phone to charge. It's really quite lame...and it's just going to get worse. So...I have to look on ebay for another phone. Woot woot.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I know that I'm terrible about updating this thing. I forget about it when I have homework (or something else) to do.
So today...I decided to make a quesadilla in the microwave. The microwave setting was already on for 7 minutes because no one cleared it when she took her food out. So although that usually bothers me and I clear it and then redo the setting, I decided to let it go that time because I'd remember. So I stuck my tortilla with cheese in there and let it go. Then I took my computer to my room. I started to watch some youtube movies. Partway through one, I leaped from my bed and ran to the microwave, because like I told myself, I'd remember about the quesadilla. Well. I RAN to the microwave. Before I quickly opened it up, I saw the timer for less than 20 seconds. I cooked that sucker for over 6 minutes. I opened up the microwave, and had to take out the plate with an oven mitt. The tortilla was burned. The cheese, well, I think I made a new type. I took it outside and threw the tortilla in the dumpster. I then cleaned off the plate, which was easier than I thought it'd be. Nonetheless, our house smelled like smoke (although no smoke alarm went off). In fact, it still stinks.
On another note, a few weeks ago I applied to BYU-Hawaii. I didn't tell anyone. Except for my friend Lindsay, ONE of my roommates, Kelly, and my dad. That is it. And they didn't tell anyone. The admissions office received my last form on a Friday, and I found out Tuesday night that I was accepted.
I wasn't surprised, because God told me to apply, so I figured I'd get in. (That's another story I'm going to have to tell later.) I was surprised because it's BYU-Hawaii, meaning it's mainly there for people from Central Asia and the Pacific Islands. I'm a white girl from the mainland. Only 35% of people there are from the mainland. But I got in, and now I'm going. And I'm super duper excited, except for the part that my brother who is not graduating in a semester (John) is staying here and I'm leaving him and that'll be sad. And now this semester is a little bitter-sweet because it's my last one here, and I found out halfway through the semester.
It's exciting though. I'll take the beach over snow just about any day (just as long as there's nota tsunami or hurricane, or something of the like.) All in all, things are good and not how I would have ever expected them to turn out. Heavenly Father definitely has different plans for me than I do, and I'm okay with that, because they always turn out to be better for me.