Saturday, September 10, 2011


I really do know how to get up in the morning.  In fact, if I could find a way that I could go to bed by 10 PM every night, I'd be a seriously happy girl. (I'm already seriously happy anyway, but that's not the point). Okay, so this isn't even about going to's about waking up. For some reason, somehow, somewhere along the way, I decided that it would be a good habit to start to set three alarms for myself. Yes, three.  Somehow, since that's how many alarms my cell phones have had the past 4 years, I got into that weird habit.  It's not because I'm bad at waking up, either.  It's because I like to "trick" myself. I will set 2 alarms for earlier than I need to wake up, and the third alarm is for when I really do need to get up. That way, I make myself think that I get to sleep longer, thus, the effect of sleeping in.
It's also the effect of laziness.
Now, I'm dependent on having three alarms because if I don't, then I'm afraid that maybe I'll forget when I wake up, turn off my alarm, and go back to sleep...but with bad consequences after. It's been bothering me for a while now that I use three alarms.  Not beating me down, or anything, but just kind of annoying when I think about it.
Actually, I really should have more trust in myself.  I usually know what's up more than I give myself credit for.  A lot more... However, I've decided to ease into it, and wean myself of having three, going to one. That way, I won't forget.  (Not that I would, anyway; like I said, I should give myself a lot more credit.)  So, now I'm going to two alarms.  I am not sure how long I will use just two (but it will be shorter than four years). I think maybe one or two months should do the trick.  Then, I'll just try using one again! We'll see how it goes.
That's how to get rid of laziness in the morning.
Thought...maybe I'll just see how this week goes, and see if I'm able to do just one again! (I am sure I can.)

Monday, September 5, 2011


My brother is now here with me, and it rocks.  I got used to not having any family around (which, coming from a family of 9 people, can be a little strange), but I did well, and now he's here with me to share my fun moments and make his own.  I'm so excited.
My friend Summer is going on a mission to Alaska.  I'm so excited for her. She's going to do great. I told her that I'm going to send her a package, and she got really excited. Too bad she doesn't know that I'm just going to send her the tennis shoes she left with me....they won't fit me and I think she will need them for exercise and service projects. I might send her the hair dryer she left, too, if she needs it. Actually, though, I'm not a very mean person, so I'll probably send her something else with the candy that you can't find on the mainland. Or something of that nature.
Happy 20th to my awesome "Kitty!" I love her! She's so amazing and awesome.  I learn a lot from her, and we have SO much fun talking with each other. Really, she's amazing.  I got her a stuffed animal...Marie, from "The Aristocats" (Disney movie) for her birthday.  She loved it. I was so happy that I got her something good.  I really like to give gifts, and I like them to be original, or at least thoughtful!
Today was a good day, and I'm happy to be here. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I probably live a life that a lot of people dream of. So, in reality, I shouldn't complain about anything. Sure, I have my troubles and problems too, but what better place to have them than in paradise?