Saturday, January 23, 2010


I love being at school! I love where I live, and I love my roommates! It's always fun, even if I do have 18 credits. I live in a two-story, yellow house, to the side of the stadium. The floors are split up into apartments; therefore, upstairs (where I live) has 10 girls, and downstairs has 6. But it's kind of like I just have 15 roommates... I thought it wouldn't be very cool, but I love it. And the house is pretty big. People are always gone, but there is almost always someone home, as well. We have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs. 3 of the bedrooms are 2 girl bedrooms, and then the one where I reside is a "shared room-" we have 4 girls in it...but we get our own bathroom. :) It's pretty rockin.' I don't mind sharing with 3 girls. I share a room with Tiffany, Alayna, and Kelly. (By the way, our room is really big, and I rather like it!) My other roommates are Tina, Breanna, Tara, Katie, Megan, and Kristen. They're all really awesome and fun. The girls downstairs are Annalise, Lindsey, Courtney, Ashley, Diana, and Emily. (Yes, there are two Emilys in this house...4 in our ward...we also have 4 Megans in our ward.)
Our house is also very reminiscent of the '70's. We have a wooden accordion door closet in our front room. Despite the weird quirks about the house (like the door freezing shut, or the bathroom fan not really circulating air correctly), I still love it. It's a blast, it's fun, and I enjoy it very much!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Recent Life

Okie dokie....I have a feeling this may possibly be a long-winded entry, so prepare yourself...
I deferred fall semester because I needed more money to pay for school. I worked ALL the time and pretty much didn't have a life. I'm with the Issaquah School District as a sub Ed Assistant, so it's pretty good practice and experience for me since I'm an Elementary Ed major. It also pays very well. My nerdy job? Working at Staples. Now one would normally say that working at Staples isn't that nerdy because it's just a retail job. However, I'M WORKING WITH OFFICE SUPPLIES, HERE. As a matter of fact, on the schedule, I was under both Cashier/Customer Service AND Office Supplies... When I punched in at work, the title said "Office Supplies Expert." And it is sadly true. I know more about office supplies than the average person...a lot more. I'm not sad that I know stuff, but I have to admit, and will be the first person to do so, that first of all, office supplies are not that interesting, and secondly, it's a nerdy thing to know a lot about those particular things..., two jobs= no life, and Emily=enough money to pay for school.
While I was home, I had the awesome chance and opportunity to do a lot of missionary work with my coworkers, especially Sarah. She committed to baptism and then dropped the missionaries because she did not feel ready. That's okay, because I KNOW she felt the Spirit, and I know that she will get baptised one day. (Hahaha. I just spelled "baptised" the Canadian/English way. I'm not changing it. Just because I do stuff like that every once in a while and actually like it a little.) I also had other missionary experiences with my coworkers, and found out that one was baptized when she was 13...which was 7-8 years ago. She's less active, and I think that the gospel would really help her life and guide her, as well as answer a lot of questions. Actually, I know that. I brought her to a FHE activity with me, but unfortunately it was a combined activity in Redmond, so she didn't meet the missionaries because they weren't able to go (Redmond is in the Everett mission, and we are in the Seattle mission). We had a really great talk on the way there, and she feels the influence of the Holy Ghost everytime she hears the story of Joseph Smith. Sharing the gospel is one of my favorite things to do. It makes me so happy. I was so incredibly blessed to be able to have many chances to share the gospel while I was home!
Cassie, my friend, got married on January 2nd in the Denver temple. She married a pretty cool man, Timmy. They're great for each other. I have known Cass since I've been at school, and let's just say that from the beginning, we hit it off really well. Tiffany, my other friend, and I, flew into Denver on Wednesday, December 30, for Cassie's wedding. We all had a BLAST together. We saw "The Princess and the Frog" on New Year's Eve, which was fun. (We also did other random things, and almost got kicked out of Walgreens.) Tim is from Roseville, CA, and his family drove to Denver. On their way there, they slipped on ice and rolled their van. It ended up totalled. His sister, Megan, also ended up breaking her jaw, but that's the worst that happened. They were really blessed, and ended up getting to Denver on Thursday night instead of Wednesday afternoon. (Unfortunately, Megan had to fly straight back to California, in order to get jaw surgery, and also had to get a deferrment so her jaw can heal.)
Cassie's and Timmy's wedding was great. Since it was in the temple, Tiffany and I couldn't go in for the actual wedding and sealing part, but we were in the annex building next to the temple, and we just waited for them. (By the way, there were a lot of people getting married that day.) We also helped with pictures afterward. That was fun, minus the cold feet and frozen toes. Cassie's brother-in-law Kevin stated that he didn't think the bridesmaids were supposed to be the ones to get cold feet. Hahaha. That was funny. On the subject of Cassie's family, I love them- they are great!
Cassie's and Timmy's luncheon was fun and good. Tim's friend Keith talked about Tim a bit, and I gave a bit of a speech on Cassie. I am really not a serious person. I really am not. The reception was also good and a lot of fun. It looked really nice. Cass chose the colors eggplant purple, cranberry red, and chocolate brown for her wedding. Not everything ended up being those colors, but it still looked great anyway. And not tacky or cheesy, considering the fact that it was in a church gym, and some receptions in church gyms can be silly looking.
Tiffany, Keith, and I decorated their car- a blazer. It was actually rather lame. Post-it notes work when you have a lot more and they don't have a Peter Rabbit design on them. We were looking for a window marker, and much to our dismay, could not get ahold of one. To make matters a bit more hilarious, Tim's parents showed us a window marker they had in their car that we could have used- AFTER the reception and Cassie and Tim left...on OUR way home. That was a good night. Some drunk person started texting Tiffany almost illegible texts, but we deciphered them. Those texts brought us great amusement. Even though drinking alcohol is not a good thing, drunk people are really funny.
I am now at school. We started classes on Tuesday. It's only the first week and somehow I already feel behind. LAME. I like most of my classes though. They are really fun. For the most part. I AM taking 18 credits, so it's possible I might have some near-death experiences this semester...from homework. Just kidding. It'll be a bit hard, though. 3 more semesters after this one!!! (By the way, I seriously can't believe that- it's so close and I know I have time, but I don't feel ready yet.) I've seen a lot of people on campus who I know. I love that about coming back to school. I really love BYU-I and the atmosphere of it. Even if the "I" stands for "Iceburg." Plus, now John, Matthew, and I are all here at the same time. That's fun.
I like my new laptop. If I would have had even more money, there's a chance I would have gotten a Mac, but I went the more temporarily inexpensive route and got a's white with yellow polka dots, adorable, and pretty much me. That makes me happy.
Remember how I said this was going to be really long? Well, it is.
I want to go to Hawaii.