Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I happen to be bored. And as a result I'm writing in my blog? Don't ask. I don't know either. At least it's something slightly productive to do. I did actually have an idea about what I wanted to write, but it was quick-in, quick-out. At this point in life, I'm teriffically happy, mostly because I can be, but also because, well, for a lot of reasons. I was quite productive today, don't have any homework due tomorrow, and I already did a lot of stuff. The Rexburg temple is open again (it was closed for 2 weeks for cleaning) so I'll probably go do baptisms for the dead tomorrow, something that I have not done for a while, but that I love doing. It just makes me happy. Anyway, that'll be tomorrow and not today. Suddenly I have a Hilary Duff song running through my head ("but not today, not today not today! Caussse, if it's over, let it go and come tomorrow it won't be SO YESTERDAY SO YESTERDAY....") and my randomness. I happen to be happy for lots of reasons. Why shouldn't I be happy? Don't answer that....there's plenty to be happy about and I don't want to be depressed (yes, I'm THAT kind of person...)
For the record, I have reinstated the word "yet" into my vocabulary yet again. (Yes, I included that again for a reason). I thought I got rid of it for a while, but really, I didn't get rid of it. I just stopped using it for a few weeks...there was no need for it in my life during those few small weeks. It's needed again. Yet. Yet yet yet. YET YeT yET yeT yEt yet yet yet yet yet. Ok, I'm a dork and I know it. Sorry. Actually, I'm really not sorry for being a dork. But I sorta feel sorry for whoever was suckered into reading this post as it is so utterly random and pointless.
Ok. Uh, let me think of something really fast! Ok, got it. Have you ever thought about redundant phrases such as "ATM Machine," "PIN Number," or "Queso cheese? They really quite bother me, in case you were wondering (which you probably weren't, but now I have you thinking...) At work this summer (Staples...."The Office Supply Superstore..."), the computer was programmed to tell me (the cashier) to inform people when they put the wrong PIN in- with a prompt that said, "Wrong PIN number....(blah blah blah)" It really bothered me. I wanted to beat it up/ punch it everytime. No kidding and no joke. Also, I did not do either of those things. I would usually just make fun of it (and tell the customer and go off on a seemingly random rant about how dumb and redundant it was to say "PIN Number." Some people didn't even get it, but most people did...I thought it was dumb that some people didn't follow me, but whatever...) Ok. Also, the other day I said "Queso cheese." My roommate, Cassie, caught me on it. I thanked her. Probably 5,000 times. Because all of a sudden I couldn't believe that I had said something that would make me mad. So, for the sake of sounding intelligent, watch your words so you don't sound redundant! Okie dokie.....I'm bored of ranting and of writing, so I'm going to stop ______HERE.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The life of a college student on a Monday off

Today just so happens to be President's Day. Know what that means? NO SCHOOL! A whole day off to do whatever I wanted to do. Ok, not really whatever I want. But erase classes out of the picture and life becomes a lot easier.
Let's get to the point: today was a REALLY nice day and I felt guilty staying inside the whole time. So I went on a walk around campus. I only got to the Smith building, stared at the vending machines, and went home. I was too bored to go on a long walk by myself. I came back and recruited Cassie to go on a walk with me. We went for a nice long walk. We also visited people. It was so nice to get out of my apartment (where I frequently feel trapped) and spend time outside, with people, and with Cassie. Walks are good. I suggest more walk-taking in this universe.
So far, I have not done any homework today. Technically, I don't really need to until tomorrow, which means I think I'll do it in between classes. I like my weeks better when they start on Tuesdays. They're shorter, and I happen to like going to devotional (make fun of me all you want...I really don't care!), so as a result, I'm thinking this week will be good as well as short. I am also under the impression that next week will be a bit longer. Oh well...I'm just going to enjoy this one while it lasts. And the sun. Because apparently it's supposed to start snowing again on Wednesday.
I should have done more productive things today, but at least I didn't spend all day inside (or start it at 1:00 p.m.) like some people I know. Perhaps I'll work on my scholarship application(s) tomorrow- amongst other things. Sometimes I get wrapped up in life and forget about things that are a bit more important than others, but it was okay to do that today; today was a relax day. All-in-all, I really like having a break from school every once-in-awhile. Now I have to push through until April (8th?)... No more breaks until the semester is over. Unless you count Saturdays and Sundays (and if you do, you're totally and completely lame since no one counts them).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not Really Peer Pressure

Crap. I told myself I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WOULD NOT get a blog until I was married, which I figured would be in about 5 years. But, I tend to "stalk" people (ok, I really do-it's not just so-called stalking) and so I just decided to get a real blog so I wouldn't be stalking you. So it's not really peer pressure- I haven't been persuaded by anything or anyone. But all of you, because you had a blog before I did (and you know who you are)- THIS IS YOUR FAULT. You're probably happy. Whatever. I guess blaming you doesn't really do anything. I have a blog now. Now you can read it. Go ahead. Stalk me all you want. I don't care. Perhaps you'd like to call it updating yourself on my life? You can now read about me and my randomness. You can already tell how much I like to ramble sometimes. ANYWAY, I can't really call it peer pressure, but I guess you could call it inadvertent peer pressure. Yay for you!