Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10 days

"10 Days until departure." That's what the Delta message told me when I logged on. Holy cow. That's coming soon and came fast!

11 days until grocery shopping again. Hopefully I'll get some shave ice that day, too.

0 days until my 4 sisters start school. (They started today. I wish they would have kept the tradition and started next Wednesday, after Labor Day.)

7 more days of work. Including today. Maybe I'll get out early some of these nights. Hopefully it's not as busy as they think it will be. And then I'm finally throwing my 3 year old ragged shirt with mouth sleeves AWAY. It's ragged and stained, let's leave it at that.

1 more Sunday. Of being the assistant primary chorister and singing with those nursery kids. Makes me kind of sad. They sure are cute.

7+ days until I find out my writing results for my Praxis test. (Praxis test was taken for my admission into the School of Education in Hawaii. It's for pre-teachers.) I passed math and reading. (Hopefully writing, too. I think I did, but we'll find out!)

3 days of packing. Planned for after I'm finished with work.

2 days with John! He'll be home on the night of the 8th. I'm leaving the evening of the 10th.

4 more stamps. For my letters that I write to missionaries. I need to buy more stamps, and write more, too. Okay, that isn't really a count-down, but I was remembering I need to write letters.

15 more days until school starts. That's 2 weeks and one day, folks. Pretty crazy.

I can't think of anymore numbers.
I'm going to miss Rexburg a lot. That's a very....special...place. Nah, I love it. But I know I'll love Hawaii, too. So I'm not too concerned.
I do wish, however, that my mom could come with me. I know how much she wants to. And I think it'd be fun to have her there for the first few days. She's pretty cool.