Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love MIKA! I'm pretty sure he joined the music industry just for me- no lie. This was his thought process: can I cater my music to Emily to capture HER very essence in MY music? No one has done it quite yet, so I'm definitely going to do it. Not try- I'm going to achieve. I shall make my music to show exactly her flowers and butterflies view on life. Then make her feel even better. She shall want to dance like the guys on the iPod commercials(okay, maybe that's A LITTLE ahead of the times, but maybe he can see into the future?). Yay! The whole world will be happy if they listen to my music! And as a side benefit, which I don't even care about (except for making the world happy and desirous to groove), I'll become rich and famous! AWESOME!
That was his thought process. I heard it. I know it's true.
Don't die, please.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

School and life and stuff

I am happy. I just am. No reason not to be, and it's better than being unhappy! Also, there might be a little something inside of me making me happy because school's over in less than a month. In less than a month, I will be on an airplane. Heading for family vacation. And it will be wonderful and brilliant! That might be something that adds to my happiness, though it's just a guess. ;-)
Also, last week I made a life plan. (What else was there to do?) If you'd like to hear it, it goes something like this: don't like boys for a while so I can go on a mission, go on a mission, come back to school, graduate, move to Canada, get a job, get married. Yeah, I thought you might like it... I've resolved to marry a Canadian. "Why?" you might ask, as my brother John did and still does. The answer is this: I don't know! Why do I want to live in Canada so badly? I don't know! I like it there, and I suppose that's the only reason. I love Canada. But I don't really know the answer to "why?" anymore than the next person... It's just a dream of mine, so why not? (Also, I might have an "in." A friend of mine has a Canadian cousin who'll get off of his mission soon, and will probably be here next fall...he happens to be from Canada and my friend tells me he's cute. Hah hah hah...we're so conniving.)
Devotional was spectacular today. Usually it is, but some speakers just hit you more than others, and that happened to be the case for Emily today. Brother Keith Patterson (the Dept. Chair of Accounting at BYU-I) spoke, and it was a talk that was full of the Spirit and happiness and hope and such. Plus, he said things that I needed to hear to make my life better, and to make me feel better than I already do! (That's always a plus. Speaking of redundancy a few entries ago, I found a new one, just now: "added plus.)
I love school! Know why? Because I love to learn! And quite frankly, BYU-Idaho is a lot more special than a lot of other schools. I'm not even saying that because I'm biased (and I will admit that I am), but because there's spoken (and now written) proof from leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that it's a good school. One such talk that was given by the former President of the church, Gordon B. Hinckley, can be found with this link: . It's not a very long talk, and it's wonderful, if I do say so myself.
ALSO, I finally got my money today! I went through pain and torture while switching credit unions, and although I had money (and a fair amount of it), I had no access to it for nearly 2 weeks (maybe more?)! I also haven't gone shopping for about 5-6 weeks. (Because I didn't need to...don't worry...I'm eating!) Some may call me thrifty. I call them right. I know how to save my money and make it last. Good thing, too, since I happen to be a university student and I don't exactly have a ton of paper with numbers on it (and am planning to teach elementary school, which also equals being poor). HOWEVER, I'M GOING SHOPPING TODAY!!!!! It's quite an exciting event in my life. If I so chose, I COULD make my groceries last for 4 weeks, just as I did at my last shopping trip. No thanks, I say. I'd rather not.
Well, I'm off to save the world, folks! (Or maybe not, but sometimes I pretend.)

Monday, March 2, 2009


Today is Monday. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Just kidding. I'm really random. I went to my classes today. They were pretty easy. They were also pretty good. I like to learn, as well. However, I'm kind of wanting the semester to end (just a wee bit...) so I can relax. Or maybe I can have a break for a week or two where I do nothing...that'd be nice! However, that won't happen. SO...I have 5 1/2 weeks left of school and then relaxing..for about 5 months. But intense relaxing for 6 days on family vacation. vacation! Haha. Gives me something to look forward to. Even though I have a lot of little things to look forward to. I just really want to relax...this semester's felt really long.

I was going to say other things, but now I don't feel like it. The end.