Saturday, October 22, 2011


Productivity is the exact reason why there has not been a post on my blog in over a month. (Sorry, guys....the ones who care...which might mean no one.) However, it's a little bit sad that I'm more productive on a Saturday than I am on a Friday. Both days I don't have any class. I've been at the library for about 3 hours, and just finished all my work.
My lovely boyfriend is still doing his. : / He studies really hard, so I'm really proud of him and how hard he works all the time, in everything he does. He always puts in his best effort, and his best foot forward. He's cute, too.
Yesterday (Friday), I did homework for about an hour or two. Like I mentioned, I had the whole day free until I needed to work. I slept in yesterday, but not today. I think I have my days a little bit backward. But that's alright, because just as long as I get everything done, I'm okay.
Although I said I just finished my work, I didn't really. I always have more and more work that I can do. So I might motivate myself to do one or two more online quizzes. I have other homework to do, too, but I have to do it at home, because I have the supplies there....and not here.
So, CHEERS to productivity!  It always makes me feel good! (Except for when I start to go crazy because my brain is fried.)